Pregnant Mother, Read this Before Traveling on the Train

Traveling by train is considered relatively safer for pregnant women (pregnant women) than planes or buses. However, taking a train has longer distance and time than riding a plane. This can make pregnant women more tired. It is important to know the proper preparation for pregnant women who will travel by train. The train can be called as one of the safest and most convenient means of transportation during pregnancy. Movement of the train that follows the rails straight to make the Mother does not need to face traffic jams. The scenery along the road can also be enjoyed. In addition, on the executive train, Mother is also easier to stretch legs than in a bus or car. Nevertheless, there are other things that are still worth your attention before traveling by train. Know the Age of Pregnancy that is Safe to Take the Train The official website of the Indonesian Railroad Company (PT KAI) states the rules of pregnant women traveling by long-distance train, which is 14-28 weeks' g
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